Base 2 Space

Seattle’s Most Iconic Climb

Thank you for your continued support of Base 2 Space! We are still working with our partners to figure out what Base 2 Space will look like for 2022.

Thank you for your support in making Base 2 Space Seattle’s most iconic climb! Over five stair climb events, we’ve loved climbing with you, celebrating with you, and most importantly, raising money with you in support of cancer research.


Scale the tower’s 832 open-air stairs and take in incredible views of downtown Seattle, Mt. Rainier, and the Puget Sound region’s surrounding beauty as you ascend to the top of Seattle’s most iconic landmark. The fifth annual Base 2 Space was held in 2019; over the five years of the event, it has raised over $3 million. All donations raised benefit Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Space Needle Foundation.


Fred Hutch researchers are continuing groundbreaking cancer research, including new findings on breast, lung, and blood cancers, tumor growth, and targeted treatments. Our experts are also at the global frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic: tracking infection, guiding the public health response, and overseeing large-scale trials of new vaccines and treatments. Want to get involved? Whether you participate in a study, join a virtual event, donate, or share our work, your contribution helps. Learn more at

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