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Base 2 Space

Fundraising Tips

Seattle's Most Iconic Climb returns Sunday, September 29, 2024!

Start early and remind often 
Send a note and drop reminders to friends and family between now and September 28!

Extend your reach
Groups to reach out to for recruitment include neighbors, clients, fellow alumni, community centers, faith organizations, salons, grocery stores, coffee shops and gyms.

Engage your colleagues
Use your company’s internal communication channels such as your intranet, newsletters, and lunchroom bulletin boards to send out information about Base 2 Space. Include the names of your colleagues climbing and a direct link to your personal Base 2 Space fundraising page. Also, you can request or promote an existing company match program to encourage your fellow colleagues to register.

Keep in touch
Let your donors know how your training and fundraising is going. This can be a great way to keep your supporters engaged and interested in your progress.

Have fun
Organize a garage sale, create a video for social media, or throw a registration party!

Share what B2S means to you
Unfortunately, cancer impacts everybody. People love supporting a cause that is personal, share your story of what or who inspired you to climb if you’re comfortable doing so.

Be a social (media) butterfly 
Harness the power of social media to remind your friends about your participation in B2S! Share your donation page often via Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms so it doesn’t get buried in your followers’ social feed! Make a TikTok about it if you’re feeling extra creative.

Please note: Due to current Facebook API issues, we have disabled the option to connect your fundraising page to Facebook. Any Base 2 Space fundraisers you may encounter on Facebook are not affiliated with the event. Please direct your donors to your RunSignUp fundraising page to submit donations.

Party for a cause 
Do you have an anniversary or birthday coming up? In lieu of gifts, ask people to donate money to your B2S donation page or ask people to climb with you on your team!

Set a specific goal 
Set an exact amount that you hope to raise! People get excited about working together towards a common goal and setting a tangible amount will help people support you in reaching your goal.

Take it to the streets (or work, or you local community board)
Create a customized QR code to link to your personal fundraising page here! Hang up flyers, keep the QR code in your phone or post it to your social media to give donors quick access to your fundraising page.