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Elevating Clean

The safety of our Guests and Team Members is our top priority, which is why we’ve made investments to implement the most effective, science-backed cleaning technologies and protocols.

We’ve made many changes to incorporate redundant layers of safety – some you can see, some are behind-the-scenes. Breathtaking views await you atop the Space Needle.


Safe Air is achieved through three primary focuses: air flow and circulation, air sanitation and filtration, and air quality monitoring. The Space Needle uses multiple layers of air safety technology and continually monitors indoor air quality.

Air Flow and Circulation

One of the most important elements of safe air is good air flow and circulation. Indoor air at the Space Needle has both high velocity (air speed or cubic feet per minute) as well as circulation (the displacement and replacement of fresh air) through the design and flow of our air handling systems. Indoor air at the Space Needle changes over at least six times per hour and in some spaces up to 30 times per hour – well above the recommended industry standards.

Air Sanitation and Filtration

Powerful UV-C light works behind-the-scenes to clean the air as it changes over through the HVAC system. This is the same technology hospitals have used for decades to reduce and eliminate viruses and bacteria. UV-C light is proven to kill coronaviruses, and studies show that UV-C can have a first pass kill rate exceeding 95% for airborne pathogens and microorganisms. In addition, upper-room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) inactivates viruses high in the air where it’s warmer and can’t reach people, before that air cools and falls back down into occupied spaces. Beyond the ultra-violet light sanitation, indoor air is also treated with a minimum of two types of filtration systems – MERV 13 and HEPA filters – which are proven to capture airborne pathogens.

Air Quality Monitoring

The indoor air is constantly monitored to ensure its quality and safety. The Space Needle has air quality monitoring devices throughout the experience, which log key metrics that contribute to the indoor air quality index (AQI). We track one of the best early indicators of indoor air quality, Carbon Dioxide (C02). We also track other important metrics such as humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the levels of fine airborne particulates like wildfire smoke. These key factors allow us to continually monitor the movement of air within our interior spaces, in addition to fine tuning our filtration efficacy.

Vaccinations and Screening

More than 95% of our Team Members are up to date on necessary vaccinations and are going through regular screening during high-virus seasons.

Touch Less + Card & Digital Payments Only

The Space Needle is now cashless. For anyone without a credit or debit card, free cash-to-card machines are available on-site. There is no cost to get a card, and there are no fees to use the card, which can be used inside and outside of the Space Needle.

It is entirely possible to have a touchless experience during your visit! Purchase tickets online, then self-scan your ticket to enter. Elevator operators will take you to the top in just 41 seconds where breathtaking views await.

Buy Tickets Online + Timed Ticketing

For the most seamless experience, purchase tickets online before arriving. Tickets can be scanned on your phone or mobile device and by purchasing for a specific arrival time, you can avoid waiting in line.