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Space Needle trademarks and intellectual property

The Space Needle is known around the world as the symbol of Seattle and is a point of pride for locals throughout the Pacific Northwest. Since opening in 1962, the Space Needle has been managed and maintained with private funds, so we are obligated to protect the trademarks associated with the landmark. We take this responsibility just as seriously as our dedication to preserving the iconic tower itself, and our team is committed to helping the public show their pride for Seattle without infringing on the Space Needle's trademarks.

The Space Needle is a registered trademark

As a beloved icon, the Space Needle is often used in logos and branding to represent Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

As registered trademarks, the name and image of the Space Needle are entitled to protection from infringement under both state and federal law. Here's a little bit of history:

  • The Space Needle has been privately owned and operated since opening in 1962, and the Space Needle holds numerous trademarks.
  • The words "Space Needle", depictions of the Space Needle, and its associated logos and marks are all federally registered as trademarks for a wide variety of goods and services.
  • When our trademark team sees the Space Needle being used without permission, we are obligated to contact the organization to request that they stop using the trademark. In most cases, organizations can alter their imagery to be compliant.
  • Our trademark not only protects the silhouette and likeness of the Space Needle, but also alterations to its appearance.
  • When the Space Needle does officially license its trademarks, any proceeds are directed to the Space Needle Foundation.

Our trademark protects depictions of the Space Needle. For most companies and organizations, updating their logo or imagery to be compliant is as easy as depicting the entire Seattle skyline, and not just the Space Needle.


To license the Space Needle for use on retail products, please contact our retail team. They can work with you to learn more about the cost and process involved in obtaining the proper approval and licenses to proceed.

Officially licensed usage

On a few rare occasions, the Space Needle does license use of its trademarks to companies or organizations. For example, Seattle's professional sports teams have worked with our trademark team to officially license the Space Needle as part of their logos.

Use the form below to contact our trademark team, and we'll send you more information about the cost and process involved in using the Space Needle trademarks. In the meantime, use the guidelines above to alter your logo to be compliant. Even organizations inquiring about licensing our trademark must stop or alter their current usage.