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Space Needle Signature Cocktails


Lunar Calendar

Smoked pineapple and jalapeno infused tequila, lime, agave

Mai Tai

Puerto Rican rum, lemon, orange, apple, cherry, orgeat

Rocket Man

Ten to one white rum, acidified pineapple juice, kalamansi syrup, coconut cream

Solar Winds

Earl grey tea infused vodka, bergamot, simple syrup

Swine in Space

WhistlePig PiggyBack 6yr Rye, house made baking spice, simple syrup, aromatic bitters

The Truth Comes to Light

Uncle Nearest 1856 whiskey, maple ginger cumin nutmeg syrup, mole bitters, served as an old fashioned

Sparkling by the Glass

Laurent-Perrier Champagne | 21

Champagne, France



Sparkman Cellars, 'As You Wish' Sauvignon Blanc | 15

Columbia Valley, WA

Gorman 'Big Sissy' Chardonnay | 16

Columbia Valley, WA


Gorman 'FOG' Cabernet Sauvignon | 18

Columbia Valley, WA

Benton Lane Pinot Noir 2020 | 17

Willamette Valley, OR

Non Alcoholic Beverages

Bottled Water | 7

Soda | 6

pepsi, diet pepsi, starry lemon lime

Space Bees | 15

Ginnocence, aleppo pepper honey, lemon juice

Botanical Moon | 15

Wilderton Lustre, passion fruit, kalamansi, dry hibiscus soda

Agave Astonomy | 15

Aplos Arise, lemon, lime, hibiscus agave syrup

Martian Mist | 15

Wilderton Aperitivo, blood orange, lemon, tonic water

Meteor Lime | 15

Jalisco 55, hibiscus gave syrup, lime juice, ginger beer

Seated and On The Go Bites

Savory and Sweet

Hand Cut Truffle Fries | 15

dungennes crab, truffled egg remoulade

Lunar Orbiter 2.0 | 25

dark chocolate ganache, vanilla meringue, macarons

Iberico Jamon Romesco| | 15

Local Crudite, Toasted Pistachio Oil 

*Contains pork, nuts, allium

Dungeness Crab Roll | 19

Tartar Sauce, Chives

*contains dairy, shellfish, allium, egg, garlic

Revolving Bar Nuts | 15

Porter Puppy Chow Hazelnuts and Vadouvan Rosemary Almonds

*Contains nuts, dairy,gluten

White Bean Hummus | 9

Garlic Pita Bread

*Contains gluten