Savory and Sweet

Emmer Farro Arancini | 9

castelvetrano olive tapenade, aioli

Wagyu Sliders | 15

american wagyu beef, beecher’s cheddar, heirloom tomato, crispy shallots, mama lil’s aioli

Hand Cut Truffle Fries | 13

dungennes crab, deviled egg

Charcuterie | 45 (serves two)

spheres of market cheeses, pork rillettes, saucisson sec, jamón serrano, marinated olives, gigante beans, apple mostarda, pistachio butter

Marinated Olives | 8

zested citrus, fresh herbs

Foie Gras | 16

roasted sesame powder, black truffle fudge, pulled sugar

Interplanetary Cheese | 14

spheres of market cheeses, accompanied with a selection of olives and peppers

Lunar Orbiter 2.0 | 16

dark chocolate ganache, vanilla meringue, macarons

Space Craft


Sea Smoke

michter's rye, carpano antica vermouth, agnostura, smoke

T-Minus Negroni

wildwood kur gin, campari, carpano antica, grapefruit peel, liquid nitrogen launch

Black Hole Sun

cranberry infused Timberline vodka, orange liquor, lime juice, charcoal powder, cranberry

Orbit a While


Cloud Walk

redemption bourbon, cognac park pineau des charentes, simple syrup, lemon juice, egg white, angostura


maison surrenne cognac, orange liquor, white rum, velvet falernum, lemon juice

Citrus Spin

big gin, carpano antica, velvet falernum, orange juice, orange bitters

Double Agent

sipsmith gin, grey goose vodka, lillet

Full Rotation

big gin, genepy, maraschino liqueur, lime

Smoked Boulvardier

redemption rye, drapo vermouth, agnostura, smoke

Clear Skies

junmai daiginjo sake, vodka, maraschino liqueur, maldon salt

Twists & Classics



amaro montenegro, silver tequila, lime

Emerald City

green chartreuse, white rum, lime juice, velvet falernum

Old Fashioned

redemption bourbon and rye, simple syrup, orange bitters


centenario 12 year rum, aperol, pineapple juice, lime juice, simple syrup


buffalo trace bourbon, carpano antica, agnostura

Whiskey/ Bourbon

WhistlePig 18 Yr | 69

WhistlePig 15 Yr | 59

WhistlePig 12 Yr | 40

WhistlePig 10 Year | 30

Red Breast 27 Yr | 65

Woodinville Bourbon | 25

Willett Reserve | 25


Big Gin | 17

Kur Gin | 20

Hendricks | 17


Centenario 12 Yr | 20

Kraken Rum | 17


Timberline | 17

Chopin Reserve | 25

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