Team Member Uniforms

Seattle designer Luly Yang worked with Team Members at the Space Needle to reimagine the uniforms.

new uniforms starting Friday, July 8

Wear your new threads with pride beginning July 8!

Scroll down for more details, including the NEW pants guidelines.


Return your old uniform to Vu or your supervisor and receive a Starbucks gift card!

Uniform Overview

Team Members are often the first touchpoint of the Space Needle brand with Guests from all across the globe. Our Team Members help communicate our values and ensure our Guests receive the best we have to offer. Wear your uniform with pride, embody our company values, and you'll transform moments into experiences of a lifetime.

Team Member Uniform

  • Company-issued shirt
    • Polo shirt (Attractions, Admissions, Elevators, Security, Valet)
    • Food & Beverage shirt
    • Facilities shirt
  • Name Tag
  • Black pants (see updated guidelines below!)
  • Black socks
  • Predominantly black shoes

Long-sleeved black or white t-shirt for layering under company-issued shirt in colder weather, company-issued hat, company-issued fleece jacket, company-issued rain jacket

Standards of Appearance + Dress Code

As a Team Member of Space Needle, your personal image is one of the first impressions our Guests will remember about our Attraction. Our Guests vary widely in their cultures and social norms. For this reason, Space Needle maintains a conservative appearance to appeal to all our Guests and would like each Team Member’s personality to shine through. Team Members must always be conscious of their appearance, hygiene, and manners.

Team Members who require a reasonable accommodation to the standards or requirements set forth in this policy for reasons based on religion, disability or other grounds protected by federal, state or local laws should contact their Supervisor or Human Resources representative.

The following grooming policies and procedures apply to every hourly uniformed Team Member:

  • Team Members are expected to wear the uniform specific to their department
  • New uniform for most departments will be polo shirt + black pants + black shoes
  • Name tag to be visible either on polo shirt or jacket
  • Team Members can continue to wear their company-given fleece grey fleece jacket or wind breaker
  • Additions, deletions, faded garments or alterations to uniforms are prohibited
  • Uniforms are to be clean, pressed, and presentable at all times
  • Uniforms should have an appropriate fit. The uniform should not be worn too tight or too loose. Because there are many body types, the Space Needle has allowed Team Members to provide their own pants for the uniform
  • No cargo pants except for Facilities team
  • No visible logos on pants or any other Team Member supplied garment
  • No jeans, including black denim
  • New polo shirts can be worn untucked – as per design
  • Shirts worn underneath uniforms must be solid black or white and must be complementary to the uniform
  • Hats shall be company-issued
  • Hat brims of Space Needle issued hats must always face forward
  • Uniforms are to be clean, wrinkle-free, and presentable at all times


Please note the updates to these guidelines!

  • Black pants are required for most departments
  • Pants must be worn at the waist
  • Pants should not have ragged or frayed pant cuffs
  • If pants have belt loops, a brown or black leather belt is required. Synthetic leather belt is acceptable
  • Jeans (including black denim), prints, patterns, velvet, Lycra, and Spandex are prohibited
  • Fishnet leggings or seamed nylons are not allowed
  • Pants that are a mix of fibers (cotton + polyester, nylon, Tencel, etc.) will fade less due to washing
  • A “wrinkle free” material is preferred
  • Need ideas? Check out our guide of suggested styles of pants
  • If your department was issued new uniforms (Attractions, Valet, Retail-not warehouse, Safety, and Photo), you're eligible to order pants through our Team Member portal. More information, sizing information, and how to order


  • Must be clean at all times
  • Laces tied (if applicable) at all times
  • Team Members are required to wear black slip-resistant, sturdy shoes
  • Safety shoes or boots may be required based on the scope of work or in specific departments. If job duties require specific protection of feet or toes, proper footwear must be worn
  • Open-toe shoes are not allowed

Non-Uniform Team Member Appearance

Attire must be compatible with a business-like environment and must be clean, not frayed, well-groomed, and professional. Jeans are not appropriate for our business. Non-uniform Team Members should follow a high standard of personal grooming.

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