Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, click the support tab on the right to send a question to our help desk.

Timed Ticketing:

What is Timed Ticketing?

Our new timed ticketing gives you the freedom to plan your day by reserving your launch time to the Space Needle Observation Deck.

How do I buy a timed ticket?

You can reserve your launch time ticket online, via your mobile device, or onsite at our admissions windows or self-service kiosks. Select from a variety of options to determine the ticket type, day and time that works best for you. Launch times are set for every 30 minutes from open to close.

How do timed tickets work?

Your visit is good for the time and date listed on your ticket. Arrive at the Space Needle at the time listed on your ticket. Upon arrival, all boarding takes place in the North Plaza of the Space Needle on the exterior ramp. Choose the lane that corresponds with your launch time and proceed to the second level.

What happens if you don’t pre-purchase tickets?

When planning your visit, pre-purchasing tickets online is the best way to go. Save time! Ticket purchasing can also be done onsite at our admissions windows or self-service kiosks. Ticket availability may be limited day-of purchase.

What if I arrive early or after my scheduled launch time?

Your visit is good for the time and date on your ticket. If you arrive late (more than 5 minutes after) or early (more than 30 minutes prior), you may enter our “General Boarding” line and we will do our best to get you in for the next available launch time.

I am having trouble purchasing tickets online. Who can help?

Please fill out a support form here or contact our online ticketing help desk at 206.905.2204.

General Questions:

Is my visit to the Observation Deck included when I dine at SkyCity?

Yes, the elevator ride and Observation Deck are on us when you dine!

I have an infant with me, will my car seat be allowed in?

Yes. Car seats are fine to take with you. However strollers must be parked before entry.

Will my stroller be allowed in?

No. Unfortunately due to the volume of people and limited space on the elevators, strollers must be left in your car or parked in our designated stroller area.

Is my wheelchair okay to take in?

Yes. Wheelchairs are always welcome. If someone other than you in your party is in a wheelchair, just let the cashier know so we can expedite you to the proper elevator.

Is my pet allowed?

Unfortunately pets are not allowed inside the Space Needle. However service dogs are always welcome.

I have a license to carry my concealed weapon. Is it alright to take my firearm in?

No. The Space Needle does not allow any weapons on property. You must find your own accommodations to store it before visiting the Needle.

Is my camera allowed?

Yes. Photos are highly encouraged. With 360 of viewing, you’ll have plenty to take photos of.

May I take and use my tripod?

Yes. Tripods are fine. Just remember the Observation Deck is shared space – be sure not to block others while they are viewing.

Is my video camera allowed?

Yes. Video cameras are fine for personal use. Professional equipment/shooting needs to be approved through our PR dept.

May I take my water bottle in?

Yes. Plastic water containers are totally fine to take up to the inside portion of the deck. However nothing in glass is permitted to go up and no food or beverage may be taken to the outside portion of the deck.