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Climate Pledge Arena Tours

Contact us for questions is at

Upcoming Tour Dates and Times for June and July


  1. How do I purchase tickets?  On your phone at Tours - Climate Pledge Arena or as part of a Bundle Package at the Space Needle Kiosks.
  2. How long is the tour? Approximately 75 to 90-minutes which equals about 1 mile of walking. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and dressing in layers.
  3. What is included in the tour? Although the tour follows a pre-determined route, stops are subject to change. Stops may include lounges, Suites, Event Level, Concourses and NHL Visitor’s Locker Room. 
  4. Will we be able to see the Kraken or Storm Locker Room? In the summer you will be able to see the Kraken Locker Room and After the Storm season you will be able to see the Storm Locker Room.
  5. How do I contact someone in the tours department? Send an email to
  6. Can I bring in my own food and drink? Outside food or drink is not allowed inside the arena. Guests are welcome to bring clear (non-glass), empty reusable water bottles and use one of our water refill stations. All bottles must be empty upon entry, including ice. 
  7. Can we purchase food/drink at the arena? Yes, we have a limited snack menu and non-alcoholic drinks at the Just Walk Out location in the Atrium.
  8. Will the Kraken Store inside the arena be open? Yes, but sometimes it does close due to inventory projects.
  9. How many people will there be per tour? Guided tours will have no more than 20 guests.
  10. Where can we park? To see a list of garages nearby, visit: Transportation - Climate Pledge Arena
  11. How do we enter?  Entry 1 at the Southwest corner of Climate Pledge Arena.
  12. What if I am running late? Please email and let us know if you think you are running late. A tour guide will meet you at the entry and catch you up with the tour. Please note that we cannot revisit areas of the tour that you may have missed.
  13. What are the recommended ages for the tour? The tour is all ages. Children aged 2 and under do not need a ticket to attend the tour.
  14. Are photography and video allowed? Photos and videos are permitted during the tour unless otherwise stated by the tour guide. Commercial or professional photography/video are not allowed during the tour. Professional cameras, detachable lenses, or external flash units, or recording equipment (aside from smartphones) for audio, image or video recording are prohibited. 
  15. Can I bring in a bag or backpack? Yes, you must go through our security process.
  16. Can I bring in luggage? Luggage is not allowed. We do not have an area to check in or store items. 
  17. Can I bring in my pet? Except for service animals, pets and animals are not allowed inside the arena. 
  18. Do you offer tours in different languages? Currently, tours are only being offered in English. 
  19. Are the tours ADA Accessible? Tours are accessible for guests with disabilities. Please contact before your scheduled tour to request accommodations. Wheelchairs are available to use during the tour. Guests must be able to either fully guide themselves on the wheelchair or have a member of their party do so. 
  20. Where can I be dropped off if I have limited mobility? We recommend 1st Ave N, running the length of the building and half a block past Harrison Street or the corner of Republican Street and Warren Street.
  21. Are there all gender and family restrooms available during the tour? There are All Gender and Family Restrooms during the tour and will be part of the restroom stop during the tour. 
  22. What if I need to cancel or reschedule my tour? All sales are final and missed tours cannot be rescheduled. 
  23. What are the prohibited items? For a full list of our prohibited items, please visit: Arena Guide - Climate Pledge Arena
  24. Do you offer ADA parking? ADA parking is available at nearby garages, and it is on a first come first serve basis. For more information on available garages nearby, visit Transportation - Climate Pledge Arena