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Bag Policy

All guests are subject to a security screening upon entry. For the safety of all guests, weapons will not be permitted in the Space Needle. The only exception to this is law enforcement personnel in the performance of their official duties. The presenter of a ticket consents to a reasonable search for weapons before entering. If you cannot comply with these conditions, then we will not allow you access to our facility. 

All bags and parcels are subject to search. Small backpacks and purses (i.e. something that could fit under an airline seat) are permitted inside. 

Complimentary storage lockers are located near the main entrance. Medium-sized bags and large backpacks (i.e. carry-on sized luggage that could fit in an overhead airline bin) will fit in our complimentary lockers. Large bags (i.e. too big to carry-on to an airplane) are not allowed in the facility and will not fit in on-site storage lockers; please make other arrangements for storage.