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60th Anniversary


Since putting Seattle on the map in 1962, the Space Needle has been a symbol of what's possible. Join the 60th Anniversary celebration and make your mark on history!


April 21, 2022 marked 60 years since the Space Needle's grand opening for the Century 21 Exposition (Seattle's Worlds Fair). To kick off our year-long anniversary celebration, the Space Needle's roof was painted its original color — Galaxy Gold!

As part of our Celebrating 60 Contest, we asked the public to share their favorite Space Needle memory from the past 60 years, and five grand prize winners were selected to help paint the roof. 55 additional winners were randomly selected to win other prizes including Space Needle tickets, VIP packages to The Loupe Lounge, Chihuly Garden and Glass admission, and tickets to the Seattle International Film Festival.

Check out some of our grand prize winners stories below!

Laura Meade

The Space Needle has always been Laura’s favorite structure. In 1990, her husband asked her to marry him at the top of the Space Needle. They were facing West as she was pointing toward her apartment building on John Street. Suddenly, she felt him slip a ring on her finger. It was the perfect moment as the sun was setting, and she said yes! They proceeded to get a drink at the revolving restaurant to celebrate. 30 years later in 2022, they went back to the top of the Space Needle to celebrate their anniversary.

Erik Admundsen

The Space Needle has been an integral part of Erik’s life for generations. His grandfather Joseph Amundsen was involved in the construction of the Space Needle. His wife also worked as a hostess at the revolving restaurant formerly known as Sky City. They had their wedding reception at the Space Needle in 2010. While he was giving a speech at the wedding, his grandmother walked up and took the microphone out of his hand to tell everyone that the Space Needle still stands because of the work his grandfather had done 50 years prior. When his son was a baby, he would get excited whenever they got to see the “Space Noodle”.

Mike Montgomery

On May 18, 1980, Mike went to the Space Needle for his mom’s birthday. That day they watched the eruption of Mount St. Helens, and every year since on May 18th they remembered that afternoon at the Space Needle. He also vividly remembers accidentally leaving a big plastic Space Needle soda container on the ledge of the rotating restaurant and having to retrieve it several tables away. That day at the Space Needle is one of Mike’s fondest memories of his mom, who passed away earlier this year on February 26.

Duane Ostman

As family history tells it, Duane’s grandfather Earl Weese was one of the original painting contractors for the Space Needle (he was tasked with painting the main body section). When the contractor that was hired to paint the rings couldn't get any of his guys to go out there, Duane’s grandfather did it.

Share your favorite Space Needle memories with us all year on social media using #SpaceNeedle60!

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