If you see one thing, see it all – literally, and virtually!
The Space Needle has launched a brand new virtual reality (VR) mobile app! Now, you can enjoy one of the best views in Seattle… and take the views to go!

Space Needle 360° is a VR mobile app that lets you have a visual experience like no other. Download the free app from your Apple or Google Play app store and experience three amazing VR experiences!

Soar over Seattle in a Seaplane!
Through this 360° spherical video, experience the breathtaking views of flying over the city and around the Needle in a seaplane.

Walk around the outer edge!
Lookout, around, and straight down as you walk around on the outer-most edge of the Space Needle.

Take your experience to new heights!
See what it’s like to stand on the tippy top of the Space Needle and see Seattle from above.

The Space Needle worked with world renown photographers, PANOGS, to create never-seen-before visual experiences – fully immersive, spherical, 360 degree experiences from sites not accessible by the general public. Experience what it’s like to stand on the tippy top of the Needle, walk around the very outer edge of the Needle, or soar around Seattle and the Needle in a seaplane.

Don’t have a VR viewer? No worries. You can purchase a VR Cardboard Viewer from the Space Needle, or at most VR Cardboard retailers.

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  1. Download the FREE Space Needle 360º virtual reality (VR) from your app store:
    apple-seeklogo  android_logo

  2. Choose VR mode from the settings menu.
  3. Place your mobile device into the VR Cardboard Viewer – available from many VR Cardboard retailers, as well as the Space Needle.
  4. Look around in every direction.
  5. Enjoy!