The Century Project: Our Commitment

drawingWhile we don’t know If, When or How this project will evolve, you should understand our commitments as it relates to our Team Members. Our goal is to ensure the long-term relevance of the Space Needle and that translates directly into job security for our Team Members.

If we do have a partial closure related to the Century Project…

…we will communicate decisions and milestones as they move from feasibility to reality.

…we’re aligned with you in minimizing the length of any partial closure(s).

…we commit to give as much advance notice as possible and details about any partial closure.

…we respect the representation choice of our Local 8 Team Members and commit to bargaining the effects of the project with Local 8 Leadership.

…we will give our Team Members choice in the range of benefits or compensation decisions that they most value for their family during a partial closure.

Our Team Members are the living, breathing soul of the Space Needle. We believe we attract, hire, and retain the best employees in the Seattle area. We believe that over time our approach to the impacts to a potential closure for construction will be viewed as the high water mark for a company handling such a historically significant project.

Project Updates

February 2017
January 2017

November 2016

September/October 2016
August 2016 

Background Material

As a landmarked building in Seattle, we went before the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board for approval of modifications to the Space Needle exterior. 

Landmarks’ approval is just one milestone in the Feasibility stage of this proposed project.

Following is the Certificate of Approval we presented:

Space Needle Certificate of Approval