Spacelift: Elevated Platform Lift


To facilitate construction a special elevated lift platform will be built on top of the SkyLine level at 100 feet and hoisted by 12 independent cables and motors to sit just under the restaurant level at 500 feet. Over the course of a few weeks an enclosure will be built, creating a safe workspace rain or shine. From there, crews will take a unique approach, working on the structure in 1/6th pie-shaped segments, addressing all levels of the Space Needle’s Tophouse at one time.

The elevated lift platform used by this project is most commonly used on construction of bridges. The process of building the platform on the ground and hoisting it into place is unusual, but indicative of the creativity and ingenuity of this project.

Traditionally, a scaffold would be built from the ground up but that would have required a full closure to put the scaffold in place and then to remove the scaffold. By utilizing an elevated lift platform versus traditional full structure scaffolding, the Space Needle will be able to remain partially open during construction giving visiting guests views into the construction of an icon.

While the elevated lift platform is going up, demolition will also be taking place on the restaurant level and the first phase of Observation Deck work. All debris will be sorted and disposed of, or repurposed in accordance with LEED guidelines in an effort to secure a Silver Certification for the project.

video credit: Safway


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Built as the centerpiece and inspiration for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, the Space Needle has since become a part of the Seattle experience and the globally-recognized icon for the city. Standing at 605 feet with unparalleled views of Seattle, the Space Needle houses an Observation Deck, an award-winning restaurant, SkyCity, a popular private event venue, and a retail shop.